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We combine quality lighting options with competitive service and support.  Whatever your LED lighting needs, our professionals will assess, analyze, and assist you throughout the process.  For instance, our customer support includes all aspects of lighting: whether feasibility studies, budgeting, energy audits, design and material specifications, or even incentive programs.  Add to this our on-the-call engineers who schedule lunch & learns, seminars, and webinars.  Together these options address the latest changes in the market, technology, and conceptual LED terminology (whether for contractors, engineers, architects, agencies, and project owners).

Consider the uncertainty of the global market, and our hybrid business model accomodates the demand for value engineering.  Dedicated staff will offer assistance, recommendations, and anlysis to maximize your return and ensure that all specifications are met.  No doubt our 100 years of combined experience ensures that you will receive competent customer service, tailored to meet your specific needs.