Providing Tommorrow's Lighting Solution... Today!


Welcome to Bright1000!

          By meeting your on-demand LED lighting needs, Bright1000 combines the highest quality lighting solutions with industry-leading service and support.  Our customer support includes all aspects of your lighting projects, including: initial feasibility studies, budgeting, energy audits, design, materials, specifications, and incentive programs. 

          Our engineers provide other services such as lunch & learns, seminars, and webinars on a variety of lighting topics.  These programs provide the latest updates in technology and market changes (as well as general LED terminology and concepts for contractors, engineers, architects, agencies, and project owners).

          Value engineering is extremely important in these difficult, ecomonic times.  Our dedicated staff will assess your existing and future projects, make recommendations to maximize your return on investment, and ensure that all specifications are met or exceeded.  Over 100 years of combined experience, within our management teams, ensure that you will receive the best possible solutions to fulfill your requirements; and our services will be tailored to meet your specific needs with the consistency and coordination that we provide to everyone.